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1 definition by CristianMaldonado

Olney is a small town in Maryalnd bordering silver spring. It seems to have an appearance of a hick town because of some rural areas and farms in it but its a small white community home to many old people because of Leisure World. Olney has great school like Good Counsel and Sherwood. Argyle Country club is close by were rich middle aged white men go to play golf in their spare time. It is a small town but it is a very peaceful place to live.
Sean: Hey you wanna go hang out in Olney?
Spencer: Why? Olney is for old people lets go hangout in Bethesda!
Sean: No, I wanna hangout in Olney because I'm Ignorant and think just because Good Counsel is in Olney all the cool kids hang out their!
by CristianMaldonado September 16, 2011