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The thin layer of potential for career advancement, increase in pay and future opportunities that an employer paints on your job to convince you that the future holds something more than you are currently experiencing.
I had my first year appraisal at the McDonalds today. They painted a bit of a career veneer over the last year.
by Crispin Cheesey September 20, 2010
A conversational or behavioural device used to charm or fascinate. The device is most often used where a gentleman meets one or more ladies in a social situation and wants to impress.
Matt threw a particularly devastating charm grenade into the conversation last night. It took out half the ladies at the table.
by Crispin Cheesey September 20, 2010
One so damaged by a single or multiple romantic failures that they may well be beyond economical repair.
He chased after her for months, but she still did not want to know. Reckon he's an emotional write-off for now.
by Crispin Cheesey September 20, 2010
A hassle so complete in its totality or so total in its completeness that it is likely hard to equal. For example: The gates of Hell have been reopened or you have run out of milk on a Sunday evening.
Dr. Rick Dagless: I re-closed the gates of Hell as soon as I could, but Darkplace has never been the same since. And with Larry back, it feels like the gates could reopen any second, and that's the last thing I need.

Dr Lucien Sanchez: You're overworked as it is.

Dr. Rick Dagless: Tell me about it. It'll be a total hassle.
by Crispin Cheesey August 07, 2011

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