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4 definitions by Crisis31

A Lighter. Derived from the Italian word for light, pronounced Lou-ch
Hey man I want to smoke this sploop, pass the luce.

Who's got the luce?
by Crisis31 April 20, 2010
10 6
Female capable of unclogging even the most disturbing of kitchen sink clogs with bare hands. See Crog.
Male1: "Dude, there's a nasty crog in the sink."
Male2: "Don't worry, I'll get my girlfriend to do it; she's a crog-master."
by crisis31 April 20, 2010
3 0
A kitchen sink clog so disgusting that no man would ever attempt to remove it; requires a female to unclog.

Derived from asian people saying "clog"
Shit! Honey get over here, I've got a crog.
by Crisis31 April 20, 2010
5 6
An incognito way of expressing your desire to smoke a bong. Usually used when parents or children are around.
Hey man, you down to sploop later?
by Crisis31 April 20, 2010
6 13