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2 definitions by Crepracon

A small village located in Ontario, Canada. The Village of Merrickville has a population of 2000 (and growing) and sits alongside the Rideau and St.Lawrence river. Merrickville has been crowned Canada's "most beautiful city" and is hot spot for tourism, due to the location, heritage buildings and overall quaintness.

Merrickville was founded in 1794, by William Merrick, of the Merrick family.
Let's go to Merrickville, to see the sights!
by Crepracon August 16, 2010
6 2
To own or kill someone (preferably in a video game).

Reference to "own" or pop a cap in ones "dome".

if you get killed, you most likely got domed
if you killed someone, you most likely domed them.
kids are getting domed up in here!
by Crepracon August 16, 2010
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