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a Louisiana county
Some Louisianians grow up not knowing that other states in the US call parishes "counties."

He couldn't attend an Orleans parish public school with his friends because his parents moved to Jefferson parish.
by CreoleQueenSuppin August 09, 2009
In New Orleans it refers to the old type of granite-curbed sidewalks found throughout the French Quarter, the Marigny, uptown and several other neighborhoods.
If you drive too fast in a rain you'll splash people walking on the banquette.
by CreoleQueenSuppin August 09, 2009
A staple New Orleanian confection. Decadently sweet, and overwhelmingly rich, doberge usually has 6 or 7 thin alternating layers of cake and pudding (though some use buttercream), and is topped with a glaze. The most popular flavors are lemon and chocolate, and it is often served as a mix between the two. The doberge cake was invented by Beulah Ledner in 1933 as a modification of the Hungarian "Dobos torte," but the most famous New Orleanian rendition of this desert has been made by Gambino's bakery since 1946.
He's from so far outa town that he doesn't even eat doberge cake.
by CreoleQueenSuppin January 13, 2010
A term used on the Gulf coast especially in and around the New Orleans area. It refers to events occurring, or things and places that existed before hurricane Katrina struck land in August 2005.
Is dat his pre-K adress or you know where he be now?
by CreoleQueenSuppin December 10, 2007
In New Orleans, it's the little windshield sticker you're supposed to get every year after taking your car to a registered mechanic and having the breaks, headlights, tail lights, horn, and paperwork examined. If you're caught without a current one by a cop you pay a fine.

All other states that require them, and Louisianians outside of New Orleans call them "inspection stickers," but people in greater New Orleans call them "break tags."
My break tag is expired. I hope I don't pass a cop.
by CreoleQueenSuppin August 15, 2009
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