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Dubstep producer, makes filthy dubstep songs about sex. That's why everyone loves him.
Borgore: Hey kids it's borgore, do you know what's hardcore? Me shoving an elephant up your sistas backdoor.
by CreedNap July 28, 2011
Autobot, friend of Optimus Prime, his old master, who turned his back on him to help the decepticons rebuild their planet back, the Cybertron.
Sentinel Prime : I'm sorry I betrayed you, Optimus.
Optimus Prime : You didn't betray me, you betrayed yourself, *Points gun at Sentinels Head*
Sentinel Prime : No Optimus, NO!
Optimus Prime : *Bang bang bang*
by CreedNap July 25, 2011
Jesus in a human body.
Can be seen at concerts, possibly a cause of dubstep/electro addiction.

And one of the best dubstep/electronic music artists right now.
Dude 1: have you heard the new skrillex song?
Dude 2: Which one?

by CreedNap June 22, 2011

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