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A naive person who's well-intentioned proposals fail to take into account their repercussions.

If you are an Australian, you will probably know about the recent ban on all live cattle exports to Indonesia, due to animal rights concerns, if you support it, you are a do-gooder who fails to take into account that this was a small minority of abbotairs who were violating both official regulations and Islamic laws, and that this will take a HUGE toll on our economy, Indonesia WAS one of our primary ports to export cattle to, you fucking do-gooder idiots.

Once again if you are an Australian, you probably also know about the Carbon Tax, which taxes everybody. I mean we all heard that it will cost less than 50c a week, but large companies will be Taxed more, and when COMPANIES (not high earners, I MEAN COMPANIES THAT COMPRISE THE EMPLOYEES) are taxed, that money comes out of our Paychecks, and the high cost of employment usually forces companies to hire overseas in countries with little human rights such as Vietnam and China.

Do-gooders are overtaking our parliament, we must stop them!

We musn't enforce policies with simply good intentions, we have to take into account the larger picture.
And it's not just Leftists, far right Christian Groups have called for the Prohibition of Alchohol and Tobacco, and the right wing were behind the illegalization of Cannabis, but history has taught us that when we Prohibit a product that is in high demand, crime rates climb because the demand doesn't end, but the safe purchase does. And this allows violent cartels to overtake the Industry, do-gooder.

Pretty much all affirmative action incentives may please Minorities, but fail to take into account that welfare is an addictive cycle, and that Minorities are hurt if they are given advantages over others. It creates a more unequal society, one where to our welfare and education system Race and Ethnicity is stressed more then anything else. It suggests that minorities would be unable to help themselves, and that is prejudice, i thought we wanted everyone to have equal opportunity and rights, isn't that what reconciliation is about?
by CreamCheeze June 07, 2011

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