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1) we can usually pick out the ones who we can count on as freinds.

2 WE Hate preps and vice versa

3) we usually get allong with punks, goths, dorks, and nerds... lets just say people who don't act like:

Amanda: " OMG! Riley i just got these cute new shoes!"

Katie: "OMG! want to buy some more?"

Jenna: Imitates "OMG! Will you Shut the hell up?" and goes back to Drawing in her notebook

Amanda & Katie: look at The Geeky girl "what ever"

Amanda: "OMG! I would Love to buy some new Shoes"

4) Male geeks usually end up with a geeky girl who loves him and Vice Versa

5) most prepy girls get jealous of The geeky girls because the geeky girls are usually very pretty and don't were makeup and they can take care of themselves and can stick up for themselves but usually have friends to do it for them.

6)geeky guys commonly get mistaken for dorks, Most geeky guys love to do something extremley dangerous or stupid. or play agame that involes ending up getting hit in the manhood. While dorks just do that kind of thing to try to get in to a group of geeks or "penetrate the geekness" but we can tell who the geeks are and who are the dorks. although we do have the ocational dorky friend.

7) GEEKS ARE NOT NERDS! nerds are very socially ackward and don't like attention. most of the time they are fighting for that one a+ they don't have. while Geeks talk to there friends and don't get caught passing notes in class. Although nerds can have friends.
Zac: "hey Jenna what are you doing?"

Jenna: "nothing much just drawing like usual"

Zac: "So wierd"

Jenna: "so I'm just a geek like that"

Zac: "hey weird isn't a bad thing"

Jenna: "I know I take Pride In being Wierd"

Zac: "WoW your right...Geek" "I guess I am too."
by Crazyness geek March 23, 2010

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