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1 definition by CrazyMongoose129

One of the key characters of the new (and might I add fucking awesome) musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Captain Hammer (played by Nathan Fillion) is an incredibly strong and incredibly conceited superhero of the musical. He is also very well-liked by the public in the musical. (Unfortunately for him, 99.9% of watchers are rooting for the villian, Dr. Horrible.) Out of all the songs in the musical, Captain Hammer sings in "A Man's Gotta Do", "So they Say", and "Everyone's a Hero", but also appears in "My Eyes", "Brand New Day", and "Slipping". Captain Hammer eventually meets his defeat by Dr. Horrible when he feels pain and has to stop superhero-ing to go into therapy.
Captain Hammer:
"She's with the Hammer, and these *holds up fists* aren't the hammers."

*Walks away, then comes back.*

"The Hammer is my penis."
by CrazyMongoose129 June 05, 2009