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Verb. To fuck shit up or kill people; The performance of adrenaline driven events; Also known as getting shit. A verb used by testosterone driven men to summarize their daily activities.
"Hit hole, drink beer, get shit."

"Dude, I shoot people. I'm just here to get shit"
by Crazy Muthafuckin Dave April 04, 2010
Noun: The recreational drug that is quickly becoming the downfall of the male gender; The reason for Liberal America; The item that prevents America from winning wars

Adjective: A man with a testosterone imbalance, who lacks the fortitude to function in the world without some nature of assistance.
"Dude, I couldn't help you move like I promised. I had to get some pussy."

"Did you see that guy come unglued when I mean-mugged him? WHAT A PUSSY!"
by Crazy Muthafuckin Dave April 04, 2010

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