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A severe level of alcohol intoxication. When someone is extremely drunk to the point of memory loss, passing out, and violent vomiting on the couch. Usually occurs because the victim is in close corners (such as a small play house) where he or she cannot move, causing them to not realize how drunk they are getting until they try to move, and by then it is too late.
So, i heard you guys got caught last night!

Yeah man, we were so wasted we don't even remember actually getting caught, it was sketch.

Sucks dude, that's what happens when you get Play-Housed.
by Crazy Gabe June 22, 2011
A state of alcohol intoxication. It is somewhere in-between being inebriated and drunk. The literal definition is to be intoxicated just to the point where you can dance to an embarrassing song such as Funky Town and not laugh or smile.
Hey, how was the party last night?

It was pretty cool, I danced to Funky Town and straight faced the shit out of it!

Nice! I love getting Funky-Towned!
by Crazy Gabe May 02, 2011

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