10 definitions by Crazy B

It's when you're doing a girl from behind, but she's too loose, so to get her to tighten up you zap her in the side with a cattle prod.
Anyone who tries the ranch hand with their girlfriend will probably not have a girlfriend much longer.
by Crazy B January 09, 2005
Pay no attention to that other definition. The REAL battery acid is a mixture of a sparks energy/alcohol drink with 2-4 shots of your favorite vodka, preferrably a citrus, making one hip drink. The term "battery" comes from the striking similarity the can has to an energizer battery. Just hook it up and get ready to party.
Partygoer #1: Check out Teo on the dance floor. How's he able to blow up so huge?!
Partygoer #2: Must've had some battery acid.
by crazy b May 14, 2005
Someone who has a horrendous case of genital warts.
His alien ant farm gives even the bravest of souls the shivers.
by crazy b February 09, 2005
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