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Trash, scum, liar, worthless, whiskey dick man who doesn't work or take care of his children. Usually found up a "creek" or "holler" and is easy to spot because every time his mouth is open it is either to whine or tell a lie.
You sure are a loser, Pie Head.
#pie head #loser #whine #lie #whiskey dick #wanna be #washed up
by Crazy Amy December 17, 2008
A person who is afraid to fight a man but will beat on his women and strut. A disgusting, non-bathing, rotten toothed, alcoholic who has usually burnt all his brain cells by age 12 due to huffing gasoline. A person who has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement for drugs and has yet to do any time, a lowlife who averages 1 1/2 showers per year and who has never owned a toothbrush.
1) Many of the men in this area are real cracker jacks...
2) If it looks like shit and smells even worse, it must be a cracker jack.
3) Man, you are a cracker jack, no surprise in the box, mother fucker.
#loser #cracker jack #informer #nasty #no surprise in the box
by Crazy Amy December 17, 2008
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