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taking a HUGE cock in the butt
"When you go to prison, you little bastard, be prepared for a dip"
by Crazy 8 March 06, 2003
n. - Commonly used slang word associated with insulting someone, or labeling them as to "emotional".

Derived from the word "Gibson" (Latin for "whine").

Slang Usage: 21st Century scientists have discovered that a "gibby" is in fact an "emo" creature. Use when describing someone who is overly melodramatic and depressed.
Stop your whining, stupid fucking gibby.
by Crazy 8 November 30, 2004
(also in the literal sense) a flaming homosexual
"Oh My God.. that faggot is on fire.. look at that Username"
by Crazy 8 March 06, 2003
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