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The practice of throwing money at things, hoping problems will go away, by giving it to the people who already have piles of money instead of giving it to the people whose money it is in the first place, the taxpayers. This is also called "trickle down your pants" economics.
Give Wall Street, and automakers, billions of dollars to correct their poor decisions. Wall Street pays its bills, creates a couple mergers, small town banks still fail every day, and the wealthy get richer while the poor get poorer. That's Obamanomics in practice. How many jobs did it create for the poor? Probably lost jobs instead.
by Crazi 1 April 27, 2010
Recently, viewing several extremely hot waitresses, one at the MSP airport Gate G18 Chili's, I have cemented this word with several people and they love it. They think it is awesome. I hope you do, too....It is a simple descriptive of how you would like to view the hot woman best, because you wish to make her smile, get hotter still, and know where it goes from there. The definition is actually within the example......one of my favorite examples works at my favorite watering hole in Duluth, MN's, Old Chicago....wow..
"Hey look, dude, a "Longzi"!!" "What's a longzi? "Longzi have a face, she will always have a place to sit?

Awesome, dude....
by Crazi 1 February 09, 2010
Whip 'em out Wednesday. Game of it's own played in the NYC area on that day. Driving on the freeways, watching big-tittied women whip out those bigguns is WAY more fun than stupid-ass video game . War blows anyway. Give it a rest!
WOW - written on back of truck on the 495.
Convertible passing truck with two firmly exposed, erect nippled breasts shown off by smiling wanna-be lot lizard.
by CRAZI 1 May 28, 2009

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