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A soda who claims to be a doctor. You know all those scientists who claim to be doctors? Dr Pepper taught them everything it knows. Yes, I know it's hard to believe after all these years that Dr. Eggman taught by a soft drink.
In honor of the fine soft drink who taught them how to build stuff, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily built Protoman out of Dr Pepper cans.
by Crazed Ninja August 19, 2004
The villain of Sam Abramson's upcoming Macromedia Flash game, Road Fighter. He looks like a cross between Agent Smith and an anime ninja. He plans to build a weapon that feeds on human qualities, but needs to find and capture people with high amounts of said qualities. So he kidnaps an uber-cute girl. However, the uber-cute girl's boyfriend happens to be a ninja, and now he's fucking pissed. So he goes after Loki.
Most of Loki's minions are potatoes with minds of their own. Sam will make french fries out of them to rescue Shaolyn.
by Crazed Ninja August 19, 2004
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