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2 definitions by CrazEkid

The remaining beer left at the end of a good nights drinking. So named, since it is in fact an anti-trophy. The owner of the trophy should not be proud of it.

This can occur when a waitress miscounts the bar tab, and the person who is charged one less beer orders two during the final round to make up for it.
Matt: Looks like Gregg is going for another trophy tonight.
Mike: Good thing there is a ledge behind our table.
Gregg: Shut up!
by CrazEkid March 24, 2006
7 29
From Lucky Number Slevin. The Kansas City Shuffle is a deception move characterised by causing the victim to look right as you attack on the left.
Smith: "There was a time when Brown Sugar over there was a fine young woman."

Nick: *looking towards her*

Smith: *leaves wheelchair and attacks Nick from behind* "the Kansas City Shuffle"
by CrazEkid March 21, 2006
109 194