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Marrying or dating a man/woman who already has many kids.
I sure don't know why he's dating her...who'd wanna marry into all those Insta-Kiddos??
by Cratered MoonUnit January 20, 2011
a profuse bump on the head...usually associated with falling down from too much alcohol consumption.
You are sporting a nice noggin knot there, Jimbo.
by Cratered MoonUnit January 22, 2011
Another word for bacon
Fry me up some of that delicious pork flavored Insta-Jerky!
by Cratered MoonUnit January 20, 2011
When something is brought back from the past and overdone.
Not everyone needs, should, or ought to be a Burlesque Dancer...It's kinda Vintage Overkill (used by artist, Jay Trembly, in a discussion about the "new" popularity of Burlesque Dancing 1/15,11)
by Cratered MoonUnit January 16, 2011
Shortened way of saying "directly in the buttocks"
That problem bites me directly in the ass/buttocks...like, di-rectum-ly in the buttocks/ass!!
by Cratered MoonUnit February 17, 2011

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