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Old lady vagina. Nuff said.
Brosef 1: Bra, that was some OLV I had last night!
Brosef 2: Well, that's what you get for getting drunk at your grandma's pottery class!

Broho 1: If I don't get some soon, I am gonna end up one dried up OLV!
Broho 2: Ewww...my one friend, she ended up with an OLV...it grew teeth and ate her, yo.
by Crandom Lugosi March 21, 2011
A female condition. When a woman feels both stanky, and fat. Usually around that "time of the month" or just when a woman feels less than desirable.
Mimi: "OMG I feel like such a stankapotamus today...I ate so much at The Bean Barn's bean buffet..."

CiCi: "Oh girl, I feel ya, I'm on the rag and totally feel like a stankapotamus!"
by Crandom Lugosi February 27, 2012
When you are sitting at home, work or a social environment and and your happy bubble is invaded by an emotional downpour. The most common Emo Bombs are roommates/siblings significant others and sometimes co-workers. Said significant others randomly drop by your house/work/social environment and start dropping emotional bombs on you when you least expect it. They usually demand information about your knowledge whilst crying/whining/being generally over emotional.
Dee: "OMG my roommate's boyfriend came over last night looking for her and freaked out and told me all their dirty secrets!"

Bree: "Shamwow I can't believe it, he seems so tough but last night he totally emo bombed you!"
by Crandom Lugosi February 27, 2012
a lubricant especially designed for cougars. This aids the cougars in catching their prey; it is best used right before coitus.
Causing your young stud friction burns? Is intercourse a fire hazard? Try Grandma's Milk, the lube discerning cougars prefer 3 to 1.

Cougar 1: Chase says I gave his dick rug burn with my OLV.

Couger 2: Oh, Midge, you simply must try Grandma's Milk! It's simply divine! <Clinking Chardonnay glasses>
by Crandom Lugosi March 21, 2011

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