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A beautiful warm, caring country.
with gorgeous views everywhere you go.
I've read alot of the definitions
for 'Ireland'.
& to be honest, most of them
are 100% wrong.
either people who don't know
the first thing about Ireland add a definition, or some of the Irish people
at their worst add one.
don't be fooled by what you read here.
We don't hate anyone.
Not the USA, not the UK, no one.
Obviously I can't say our whole nation
doesn't hate anyone, people have
their opinions.
but most Irish people don't act like some
of the things I've read here submitted
by Irish people. At least no Irish person
I've met does.
I have actually been deeply offended
by one or two definitions i've read here.
Most of you have us Irish people
all wrong!
There IS horrible people in Ireland.
But isn' there horrible people everywhere nowadays?
We don't go around eating 'spuds'
and living in the backass of nowhere
we're normal
civilised people.
(at least most of us are)
Ireland is a beautiful country
and no words can describe how proud I am
to be 100% Irish.
Thanks for reading. :)
Roisín: Ireland is a goregous country.
Seán: I agree
by CranberryPerson August 28, 2008

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