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The practice of exchanging pictures back and forth on cell phones rather than texting simple text.
Rachel was at Olive Garden picting photos of her breadsticks to her friend at Chevy's, who was picting back her chips and salsa.
by CraigTricamo November 04, 2010
To miraculously become a virgin again.
Betty is getting married again and she's wearing a white dress. She must have had an immaculate regression.
by CraigTricamo January 26, 2011
Stock able to be transferred from a Stock Transfer Agent to a Broker Firm through the DWAC system.
Sales Assistant - Should I get a physical cert or try to transfer electronically via DWAC?

Cage clerk - Depends on if it's DWAC-able.
by CraigTricamo June 20, 2011
Text code for So Not Sexy
That girl on the dance floor is wearing plain flip flops. That is soooo SNS.
by CraigTricamo November 04, 2010

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