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A substance or drink that provides you with a boost of energy, or strength.

Someone on steroids, a leglutimine.
Hey squire, pass me some of that leglutimine!
Can you bring me some leglutimine? Im feeling sloppy.
Pfft, look at this guy...you might as well call him Patty Leglutimine.
by Craig Subluxx November 04, 2006
A person or group of people who are known for eating mangos. A faggot. A friend who gets alot of girls. A friend who is whipped by his girlfriend.
I cant go to the game with you, I gotta spend time with my girlfriend. Your a freeking mango muncher buddy.

Hey mango muncher, get a girlfriend.
by Craig Subluxx November 04, 2006
To be decent.
The act of being decent, an abbreviation for decency.
A hot or attractive girl (a dixer)
Pronounced "deece"
Negative form "indix"
Did you see that girl today? shes dix!
I got 100% on my test today...thats dix.
by Craig Subluxx November 04, 2006

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