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Not to be confused with Ashley G. of Billtown, Used to top off your jiga. Utilizes a 6mm or smaller 1/4" drive socket in a plastic or cork top. You put your weed in there.
"Yo give me dat g top so i can load u some jigas"
by Crackrock April 07, 2003
A gravity fed bong that utilizes only a small hole at the bottom, rather than cutting the entire bottom off. The advantage is a bong like hit, with gravity results. Copyright Penn College
Let's go home and smoke some jigas before the Simpsons
by Crackrock April 07, 2003
Aproximatly 1half to three hours after smoking marijuana lag sets in. I.Q. drops 50 points, food and a nap are inevitable
(1 hour after gettin high) "Man ....I feel pretty lagged man..." "Yeah I got the lag too"
by Crackrock April 07, 2003
phrase used to acknoledge the completion of anything
C.R.: "I just smoked my last jiga"
Vic: "Wipe it down"
by Crackrock April 07, 2003
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