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Elite liberal arts college located deep in the woods of Maine. Most students are described by the acronym "LUG" - Liberal Until Graduation. Excellent supplier of employees for Wall Street. Student body tends to be white, wealthy, intelligent, and friendly.
"I'm smart but I also want to have fun. I'm going to Colby College, because Bowdoin girls are ugly and at Bates they smoke crack."
by Cracker2000 August 23, 2004
The section of a tool/device directly responsible for producing the desired effect of that tool/device.

Generally used in the context of a threat, occasionally in a sexual scenario.
"You don't wanna be on the business end of my gat, son."

"I'm gonna introduce that ho to the business end of my cock."
by Cracker2000 August 23, 2004
A donkey, (equus asinus) with an abnormally large posterior (gluteus maximus).

Or, an ass with a big ass.
"Man, that mule has a big butt"

"Yeah, it's a real badonkadonkey"
by Cracker2000 August 23, 2004

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