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NOT HILLBILLYS!!!!! Green Bay has a awesome football team named the Green Bay Packers. You may go to Bay Beach soon to have the Zippin Pippin also known as ELVIS' favorite rollercoaster. Yes you heard right ELVIS. Green Bay is located in Wisconsin. Obama has visited Wisconsin seven times. Green Bay is home to "So Fly Like A Cheese Head", The Ready Set, and some of the coolest people you will ever meet. Our football players are great people who help in the community and meet their fans.


P.S. watch us beat the Bears tomorrow(;
Cool kid 1: Green Bay is soo cool!
Cool Kid 2: I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike: Thats sooo cool!
Phil: You mean thats soooo Green Bay!?
#donald driver #clay mathews #packers #bay beach #cheese
by CrEePeR aLeRt January 22, 2011
Tortorous crap you have to do after learning for 7 hours a day. Teachers find it amusing to watch the students suffer. If you don't have your homework done they freak on you and if you have a real reason why you didn't do it they don't believe you. Not even lieing my dog seriously ate my homework and the teacher didn't believe me. On top of getting approximently 5 hours of homework we have to take tests. Tests are the official punishement. K. I didn't fall asleep in your class isn't that good enough? No. Teachers keep expecting you to do all this stuff but yet they can't grade papers. I have to wait one month to get my homework back and by that time the grading periods almost over. And if it couldn't get worse we have 20 pound book and I had to bring three home. Yeah now my fricken back has a kink in it. How about I drop a teacher off in the middle of no where and make her walk with a 60 pund back pack? That'd be mean and I am not a mean person.
Me: I got a kink in my back yesterday :/
Parent : How? You don't have time for sports with all that homework.
Me : I know, it was because of my 60 pound backpack I had to walk home with on my damn birthday!!!!!!!!!!
#school #schoollll #omg #rotfl #time waster #lets procrastinate #hfeogh #lawl #im really cool
by CrEePeR aLeRt February 05, 2011
A place were you have to sit in plastic chairs all day because they're to cheap to get better chairs. My butt often hurts from the chairs. The government forces you to go to school seven hours a day 5 days a week from the age 4-18. Also "teachers" work at this place called school. Sometimes the teachers are great. Sometimes you have the teachers who lose your 100 point test right before the final report card. Then there is the teachers who give you a heck of a lot of homework like a five page packet on Ancient Greece every single night. Half of the information won't be used as an adult but you are forced to learn and solve problems like this If 1/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + ... = y,

then x = ?

x = 1. But when am I ever going to use this? I even asked my math teacher and hes like its just training how you think. When my parents went to school the hardest thing they had to learn was the GCF of a number.

I love coming home from school and having a cranky parent as if I didn't have a bad day already? Then your parent gets mad at you and says they work fourty hours a week doing blah blah. Don't they see I go to school for 35 hours a week AND TAKE TESTS AND DO HOMEWORK and do the chores you made me do? I actually have a life believe it or not people. I don't really want to know about How ancient Greece got more farmland actually I could care less. Haha sorry this is like venting because I have a crap load of homework and I don't know how to do half of it.
Nerd: School is grand! I am always baffled to wake up to the smell of finished homework!!!

Normal kid : Ehh school. *Walks into first hour* *Friend asks are you ready for that test that is worth 90% of our grade* * WTF THERES A TEST!?????!!!!!!??????*
#school #schoollll #omg #rotfl #time waster #lets procrastinate #hfeogh #lawl #im really cool
by CrEePeR aLeRt February 06, 2011
Someone embarassing you and or well cramping your style.
*Dad dancing*


*Mom singing in the car, friend in a car next to you*
#mom #dad #style #cramped #my
by CrEePeR aLeRt January 22, 2011
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