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2 definitions by Cpt Badonk

a sex-move that backfired: when you punch a big round rubbery ass so hard that your fist flies back and hits you in the face, leaving a hoof-like imprint over your eyes and nose, or mouth
"Bro what happened to your face - that looks like a hoof-print!"

"...aaah, it's a long story."

"you got badonkey punched? amazeballs"
by Cpt Badonk January 22, 2013
An ass so big, round and perfect that it's just off the scale, to the point of being ridiculous. And/or any flagrant action performed by somebody in possession of such a badonk, especially when the action features said badonk.
Man did you see that Nicki Minaj new video? Badonkulous!
by Cpt Badonk January 22, 2013