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the quality of a female having a rear-end so large and bubbly it makes an OG wanna cry. (combination of "badonkadonk"and "ridiculous"
first block hood: "w3rd suhn shawty was badonkulous! that booty was bangin suhn!"

second block hood: "w3rd ^ yo i tapped her last night shyt WAS badonkulous"
by marva April 08, 2006
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the quality and or asset of having a rather large and juicy, quite bubbly and perfect ass-et. So much so that it wanna make a OG wanna cry. or holla. at least thru myspace. Also, "amazing" if it has anything to do with getting booty.
tatis ass is badonkulous. scratch that, her body is badonkulous. then agen, my saturdays with her are badonkulous too.
by mavies April 12, 2006
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1: As redonkulous as a badonkadonk
2: pretty fuckin awesome
3: describing one with a badonkadonk

"That shit was badonkulous!"

"That bitch is badonkulous!"
by sexin_the_beach July 20, 2006
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An ass so big, round and perfect that it's just off the scale, to the point of being ridiculous. And/or any flagrant action performed by somebody in possession of such a badonk, especially when the action features said badonk.
Man did you see that Nicki Minaj new video? Badonkulous!
by Cpt Badonk January 22, 2013
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