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1. The opposite of a gift basket. A basket of crappy gifts that nobody wants.

2. In fantasy football, it refers to a quality for quantity trade. One player offers multiple crappy players for a quality one.
1. I put 50 dollar into that raffle and ended up winning a shit basket.

2. Listen to this shit basket that JD offered me! He offered Hassleback, Avant, and Spiller for Chris Johnson. I'd never accept that shit!
by CowboyDebop December 08, 2010
To masturbate so furiously that the person injures oneself. Mastur refers to masturbate, and grade refers to grating (liked grated cheese).
I jerked off so hard that I hurt my penis. I straight up masturgrated!
by CowboyDebop December 08, 2010
This term describes the look that certain girls give guys when they're interested in them. It looks like the girl is slightly squinting, and she's giving a tired, loving sort of look.
1. I knew I had a chance with this girl when she gave me the sluttish sleepy eyes.

2. Sluts always try to use the sluttish sleepy eyes to lure their prey.
by CowboyDebop August 08, 2011
A Vick Six describes when the Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick go to Washington to play the Redskins (technically it could happen in any game though). In the 2010-2011 NFL season, the Eagles made that trip and broke several records for their franchise and the NFL alike. The final score was 59-28 with 28 points scored in the first quarter and 45 in the first half. Vick had six touchdowns in that game, therefore the Eagles and Vick had a Vick Six. It's cleverly inspired by a Pick Six, which is an interception for a touchdown, but it has been changed to Vick.
1. I already order my tickets for the Vick Six next year in Washington.
2. Anyone want to take bets on how many Vick Sixes we'll see next year?
by CowboyDebop January 06, 2011
It's a collection of zits above the mouth and below the nose that resembles Hitler's moustache due to the location.
Person 1: Did you see that Zitler Stache that Jeremiah was rockin the other day?
Person 2: Yeah he looked dirty, offensive, and racist all at the same time!
by CowboyDebop January 06, 2011
A clever nickname for Philly combining Vick, the current Eagles starting quarterback, and Philadelphia together in one word.
Other NFC east teams tend to call in sick when they find out that their next game is in Vickadelphia.
by CowboyDebop January 06, 2011
Richard Nixon's favorite nickname at parties when he's around the ladies. Also, he uses it while he's owning zombies.
1. All the ladies love Tricky Dick

2. You zombies can't catch Tricky Dick!
by CowboyDebop December 08, 2010

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