3 definitions by CovinaDavey

an other word for bitches

Those girls are such bioches
I can't stand these bioches.
by CovinaDavey August 28, 2006
More than one golddigger
They are such golddiggers, they will take you for all your cash.
by CovinaDavey August 28, 2006
Girls...Girls that get on your nerve! Tramps. Girls that can't be trusted. Similar golddiggers, skank and bioches
"Those snoochie boochies in Long Beach can't be trusted."

Guy 1: You are going out with that snoochie booch again?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, at least the snoochie boochies in LA just want to party."

Girl 1: "I heard Danny was all up in those snoochie boochies from Cucamonga last week."
Girl 2: "He's to good to be with some snooch."
by CovinaDavey August 28, 2006

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