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3 definitions by Cousin Merl

Racial slur: a native of Paraguay. Commonly used in central Canada to refer specifically to immigrants from Paraguay.
Geech: Hey Merl, I heard you got new neighbours!

Merl: Don't get so excited, they're Prugs.
by Cousin Merl November 05, 2010
Clumps of hard-packed mud stuck to highways that were left there by tractors and other farm machinery.
My tires and shocks took a beating from all the tractor pies on the highway
by Cousin Merl October 21, 2010
A sexual preference (of those not of East Asian descent) for those of East Asian descent. Used in the same context as Jungle Fever.
Chuck: Billy-Bob is crazy for the Asian chicks.

Merl: He's got the Rice Patty Fever
by Cousin Merl October 21, 2010