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a product or process geared to or causing a cycle of self-reinforcing entropy or addiction
Stan found out sugar addiction was a self-licking wound, the more he got, the more he wanted. It was a hard way to learn the Law Of Diminishing Returns.
by Cousin Leopold December 23, 2008
noun, a situation or event that fails to meet expectations to such a magnitude that it inspires a sense of awe.

verb, to wonder at such a situation or event or to express dismay or disbelief in a loud and/or hysterical manner.

adjective: Bummarvelous.
(N)The plan toaxe NASA is a damn shame.It's a Bummarvel for our kid's futures, iffndeed we survive the comin' tribulations

(V)Can you believe these Bummarvelin' Mohos downstairs? We gots ta call the po-po!

(A) He's a total sourpussgasfaceBummarvel
by Cousin Leopold May 25, 2012
In deference to Mohandas K.Gandhi, famed nonviolent civil disobedience advocate and Indian independence leader,
to sweetly and confidently nonviolently pwn in self defense.
2. to cheerfully and effectivelyschoolhaters online.
other roots- seepimp-slapped,bitch-slapped
That cynical-assed hater got Gandhislapped!

Anybody who's going to go out of their way to
post a comment like that needs a
vigorous Gandhislap.
by Cousin Leopold July 21, 2008
(Law Of Diminishing Returns)
a classical economic concept that
pronounces that as more investment is made, the overall return on that investment declines at an increasing rate.
The first few times Bobby played Duchess Of Dethcraft,it was on. But down the road,L.A.D.R. kicked in, and he barely logs even minutes anymore.
by Cousin Leopold December 23, 2008
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