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4 definitions by Count Funkula

When one finds something extremely amusing, while seated the person slaps their own knee in jubilation.
That joke was a hellava kneeslapper, I laughed my ass off.

by Count Funkula June 13, 2003
The action of having sex, from the male perspective.
past tense-poured the meat
I would like to pour the meat in Jennifer Anniston.

I poured the meat to this bitch last night.
by Count Funkula June 01, 2003
When one is to drunk to get a hard-on, he has the whiskeydick.
I had the whiskeydick last night, therefore I did not get laid.
by Count Funkula June 01, 2003
A person (normally a gang member)who uses a firearm to shoot people in the top of the head.
He be a wigsplitta.
He be a wigsplittin nigga.
by Count Funkula June 02, 2003