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A mental disorder. Dietary characteristics include calling oneself a vegitarian, and then eating meat. Have a veracious appetite for chocolate bars, drinking inhuman (possibly angelic) amounts of diet coke.

It also includes a paranoia in which the person believes that every individual of the opposite sex (and then some) wants to propagate (screw) them so hard that Jesus falls off the cross. Waist size is not part of this consideration.

The most major symptom is believing that they "could" have been a lawyer. A very smart lawyer at that, who may graduate from lawyer school. As well thinking that carrying more than $20 means that they are super, ultra wealthy.

People who have diagnosed with lawyerism seem to have a tendency to "F" up grocery stores and respectful managers.
"I think that "Witful" girl should study into lawyerism. (Polite way to say that someone is a good candidate of this disorder)
by Couldabeenlawyer September 25, 2006

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