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2 definitions by Cosworth

A word used to replace an extremely obvious or unknown one in a verbal sentence. Usually a noun or verb, but sometimes an adjective.
1. Omgawd! We were at the mall yesterday spooding, and I found the cutest skirt!
2. We were out waterskiing last week and the spood that hooks to the boat snapped and thats how I broke my leg.
3. God, the teacher is such a spood, I cannot understand a word she says.
by Cosworth November 18, 2006
9 31
A surburban town where nearly everyone is white, and has a generic stereotype (poser, prep, jock, retard). sitting between ghetto Spring Valley and less ghetto Pearl River, everyone's mommy and daddy have lots of friggin money, yet they're still ghetto. The most common way to spot someone from Nanuet is to look in the backseat of a high-end SUV and locate the retard with his Eminem or screamo blasting through their iPod, texting their friends to go waste money, and complaining about how its been 3 days since their last Abercrombie run. However, there is a dying breed of individuals that realize how stupid everyone is...and then they move to Westchester or Florida.
Typical Nanuet Kid "LOL i'm soooooooo ghetto! I've had the same fone for like, 6 months! I gotta get a new one when i go to buy those new cali-jeans at hollister!

Regular Person "Dude, shut the fuck up."
by Cosworth June 09, 2006
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