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Livingston is a money-nouveau town, located near Shorthills, Roseland, East Hanover and Milburn. It’s a clean town and has a very low crime-rate. The people in this town like to wear brand-name clothes and drive fancy cars. The Livingston School system is renowned for its academics, nevertheless a lot of pressure is put on teens in Livingston High School to get into great Universities and succeed in life. This town is made up of businesses and banks, so the local Starbucks is the big hang-out spot for kids and adults alike. Those who have been raised in modest families may find this town rather lonely, as it may be hard to relate to and connect with people. Still, Livingston is a safe little community, so it is no wonder why families want to raise their kids there.
1."Wow check out all those fancy cars!"

"Yes, we have entered the town of Livingston."

2."Lets go to Starbucks on Livingston Ave. and partay!!"
by CosmopolitanLady May 18, 2009

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