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A nympho is a person usually a girl who loves to have sex.A girl with the sex drive if not more than a guy does. A crazy girl in bed who's willing to try new things and new positions.
Now having said that and being one myself, it doesn't mean being loose or a slut or anything derogatory as i only have sex with my boyfriend. Some people just bring the freak out in others same with nympho qualities. Ive never had so much sex with a person before my boyfriend now, I would masturbate but never really commit the act of intercourse.
To be a nympho means to want sex all the time and take great pleasure in the act.
Someone who can get wet as hell just from the thought of having sex or having sex with someone or seeing the person that they wanna fuck or do fuck with.
After sex for three hours...
TB: What are you doing? Are you going playing with yourself?!
DJ: um...yeah so? Im still excited.
TB: Still? Youre my lil nympho you know that?

by Cosmic_Kidd August 24, 2008

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