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2 definitions by CosmicMonkey

A word used to express displeasure, dissapointment, discomfort or disgust at anything or anyone.

Derived from snitch, a universally hated type of person.
Example 1:

Person A: Sup man?

Person B: Not so good, this week's been really Snitchy.

Person A: How so?

Person B: My girlfreind been acting like a bitch lately. and on top of that, my computer's hard drive got corrupted.

Person A: Aww, that's fucking Snitchy dude!

Person B: Really Snitchy!

Example 2:

Person A: Hey, wanna go get some McD's?

Person B: Nah, that place is snitchy. It gives me bad vibes.
by CosmicMonkey January 01, 2011
Other words to that effect - Boring, Lame, Unexciting.

Lingo used in the International Baccalaureate marking criteria - because people are smart enough to mark IB exams, but dumb enough to think that the answers have to be verbatim.
My friend said that Indian people sucked, or OWTTE.
by CosmicMonkey July 29, 2009