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2 definitions by Corporate Monk3y

Sure, we are all happy for our friends' new arrivals. They post pics on Facebook, and we Like them. A pic or two is cool, but not fucking 325 of them. The endless fountain of babies splattering all over my Facebook feed like a money shot makes me want to vomit. Fine, I'll admit it: they all look the same, and I'm a baby racist.
What the hell, I can't tell babies apart anymore--they all like same. I must be a baby racist.
by Corporate Monk3y September 15, 2011
22 6

Semen from an African American, especially when ejaculated into or onto a Caucasian. Adds a little flavor.
Jamal: What's good, playa? I saw you leave the party with that white girl last night.

Terrell: Hell yeah, I dribbled chocolate sauce all over that plain vanilla ice cream. That shit was bangin'.
by Corporate Monk3y October 18, 2010
18 17