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1 definition by Corona21

short form for the formal name Great Britain, an Island located west of Europe part of the British Isle archipelogo. derived from the Roman name Britannia Major. the term Great is purely geographical to show a larger land north of Gaul (France). Britain comprises of 2 former kingdoms Scotland and England and the Principality, Wales. Great Britain and her constituant countries also make up most of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland is not in Great Britain, but in the United Kingdom. The long formal name for the country The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The nation (and former kingdom) of England comprises most of the Island and also has the largest population

the nation (and former kingdom) of scotland comprises the most northern part of the island of Great Britain and is the second largest nation after england, although with a smaller population.

the nation (and former kingdom) of Wales, is located West of England. It is the smallest nation in Great Britain by area and population

Britain has played a vital role in world affairs being especially influencial in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Many western offshoots such as Australia and the US were formed by Britain, although have formed sperate identities still share a large part of culture heritage and language.
Look on a map its north of France south of Iceland
If your able to read this, English was established in Great Britain.
by Corona21 September 12, 2007