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One of the oldest and most advanced piece of computer software available for purchase to the general public. It is best classified in the "edutainment" genre, but truly is much more. With a simple joystick and keyboard, one can be transported into a world of realistic aeroplane simulation, similar to that found in professional flight training centers.

Originally released by Microsoft for the IBM-pc in 1982, it is one of the oldest software products in history. Every few years, Microsoft updates the program to comply with the newest computers and garnishes it with the latest graphics and additions. The current version, 2004's "A Century of Flight" boasts countless aircraft, flights, and locales. In fact, the technology has become so advanced that users can fly in the actual regional weather conditions found in their chosen locations, all thanks to a quick download from the net before each flight.

It is also one of the easiest products to install and use. There are no confusing installation procedures or awkward game menus. In literally less than ten mouse clicks, users can install the game, pick a flight, and get placed square in the middle of Microsoft's most famous Chicago adventure.

While many gamers complain the game causes boredom, one must realize these people are usually hyperactive teenagers - not the target demographic for the simulator genre. It can take years before one becomes fully proficient with all the features, controls, and locations within this program. Challenging missions demand you to perform various aircraft-oriented activities. From the simple, like taking tourists on an aerial view of scenery, to the completely outragous, like piloting a specially built airplane to fly through an open barn during an airshow; the skills learned within the program are so realistic, after mastering just a few you feel like a distinguished aircraft connaisseur. Boring? Hardly!
Microsoft's latest flight simulator makes you feel like you're really there.

You can learn a lot about aircraft through interactive flight simulator software programs.
by Corgi January 03, 2006
1. A large bus, derived from the company greyhound. Commonly used to transport those who cannot afford faster, more efficient or more luxurious transportation.

2. An alcoholic beverage mixing gin, and grapefruit juice.
1. Laqueesha and her family will take a greyhound to their motel.

2. The bartender used his leftover gin and grapefruit juice to mix a greyhound for Laqueesha.
by Corgi July 04, 2005

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