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2 definitions by CoreyLovesPaintball

A readily available remedy for a sore throat that a man carries with him at all times. The sufferer simply inserts the man's penis into her/his mouth and awaits the rush of medicinal goodness that's sure to cure even the most severe of sore throats*.

*May cure any number of other ailments.
Corey complained that her throat was sore, and Jon offered her a sausage lozenge.
by CoreyLovesPaintball March 21, 2009
29 10
When a man gets a handjob from his clone. It's a decidedly not-gay act (not that there's anything wrong with that).
Corey was feeling frisky, but had earlier broken both of his hands when he'd sat on them. So, he had his clone give him a Mirror Job, and was still heterosexual afterwards.
by CoreyLovesPaintball July 27, 2009
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