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Masterbation performed under highly perilous situations, usually involving the risk of being caught mid-task. Users of the danger wank often say that wanking in these situations hightens the sexual pleasure.
danger wank: "Mum come quick Ive got something to show u! shit, shit, shit *wanks* RELEASE THE BEEEES!"
by Corey Martin January 15, 2007
The expression of often orgasmical ecstacy shown whilst playing guitar. Most commonly used during shredding.
Fuck me james, that's one hell of a guitargasm u just pulled.
by Corey Martin January 15, 2007
The action of sucking on a womans clitoris ie, giving someone a poon hoover, or poon hoovering them. The experience is found to be very pleasurable among females.
"Oh my god I like totally gave Jane Porter a poon hoover last night and she came all over my face!"

by Corey Martin April 26, 2007
Derived from the words 'chilling' and 'relaxing.
Corey: yo man sup?
G: not much u?
Corey: no nothing much. just chillaxing i guess.
G: ye man me too.
by Corey Martin January 15, 2007
A term used by the young (eg me as a kid) to describe the female genatalia. Can be shortened to widge.
"Good day at school darling?"
"Mary showed me her widgie."
by Corey Martin January 15, 2007

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