1 definition by Corall865

A Female who's from the Ghetto and acts ghetto and has zero intellegince- They usually tend to hang out in the hood. They know all the bums and weirdos from the neighborhood and think they are so Ganstah and cool because they know all the low lifes in the HOOD. She has nothing to offer a man but sex. She has no asperations to better herself or be somebody. She surounds herself with other bumass individuals like her. Her friends don't work, go to school or have their own apartment. Never has Money to go out but Always has money for weed and to get High with the rest of the neighborhood lowlifes. Lives with her parent's or her boyfriends parents house or is jumping around from house to house looking for a man to support her.
Hoodrat, whore, loser, joke, stupid
by Corall865 August 05, 2011

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