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2 definitions by Copperflower


1. A word used to express a strong positive emotion or used in a positive manner. Can be said when in a good situation and there is nothing left to be said. In this form "shidangles" can replace words such as "awesome", "super", and "alright then", which are said just to fill the silence.

2. Can be used as a non-offensive expletive in a positive or negative manner.
1. - "Wow, it sounds like you had a great time then." "Yeah." "Shidangles."
- "Okay, I have only a couple more things to say. One, I find you all extremely attractive. Two, shindangles."

2. "Shidangles! I forgot my lunch money!"
- "Shidangles, that chick is smokin'!"
by Copperflower September 09, 2010
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1. An form of the noun shidangles used to describe an awesome or very positive state of being.


2. A word used to describe a period of time that was well-spent doing nothing productive, such as hanging out with friends or picking up chicks at the mall.
1. - "How are you?" "Wonderful." "I don't believe you. Are you sad and lying to me?" "I'm shidangling." "Alright then."
- "That cookie monster hat is shidangling!" "Thanks bro."

2. - "Hey man, what're you doin'?" "Just shidangling, want to come over?"
- "So did you meet any nice girls at the mall, boys?" "Nah, but we were just shidangling so it's alright."
by Copperflower September 10, 2010
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