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3 definitions by Cooper Gold

Referring to a fan of Showtime's 'Queer as Folk.'

Dana is such a qaffy. She watches Queer as Folk like, every time it airs and then calls me about it.
by Cooper Gold April 12, 2008
Turn of phrase.

To get folked is synonomous with "getting" (understanding, knowing of, or wven watching/living) the Showtime series "Queer as Folk".

Also a play on words. . . ie. get 'fucked'.
1.Mark: Dude, I def got folked last night.
Judy: Oh I know, I can't believe the drama!

2.Andy: Omg, did you guys watch Queer as Folk last night!?
Ryan: God, Andy, no! Why don't you go get folked and leave us alone!
by Cooper Gold April 13, 2008

A term used to describe an article of clothing, etc. that is singular and brown in color. (brown one, shortened)
1. Sammy: Which top should I wera today, LaRue?
LaRue: The bronnwyn, totally.
by Cooper Gold April 13, 2008