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A form of the word dinner. Often used by people that think dinner is too long a word.
"MOM! When is din din going to be ready?"
by Coolioolio April 29, 2007
Instead of saying JESUS CRIST! You can say Moses Burning Bush. Only used by the extremely coolioolio people in the world. Get out of the norm, say Moses Burning Bush! when your angry instead of JESUS CRIST!
"Moses Burning Bush! That little rug rat bit me on the arm!"
by Coolioolio April 29, 2007
Princess In Training-Jewish Princess In Training to be exact. It's what little Jewish girls are before they have their Batmitzvahs and become JAPs. (Jewish American Princess)To be a JAP you have to be 13 or older, to be a PIT you have to be 12 or younger. PITs are in every way the same as JAPs (selfish, spoiled, but in a good way of course) except younger, and not mature.
Dad: Look at my little girl-all grown up-a JAP now
Little girl: But DADDY! What am I if my older sister is a JAP?!
Dad: Your a pit.
by Coolioolio May 31, 2007

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