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A negro who is emo. They really can't get the hair over they eyes thin right. They like emo rap, and crying about their slave ancestors who have been dead for over a century. Their lives are filled with ANGST and SORROW!!! fo reel.
richard: That Tyrone, he sure is a negremo
duane: yeah, his hair looks gay and a half, that afro over his eyes... queer
Tyrone: I is be hurd dat suckah, I is gon be cuttin' mah shiz faw rizzle... diggity
by Cooley McCool September 20, 2006
A terrible band for preteen girls. They produce terrible music that you can't enjoy if you're not a preteen girl who hasn't hit puberty yet. This is the type of music that drives people to suicide, why would god let this type of shit exist? This band is the reason santa claus dosn't exist :(
My friend's roomate Josh likes sister hazel, he also likes anal sex with men... you decide.
by Cooley McCool September 20, 2006
A slang term for dinosaur semen, its not as tasty as you might think :( The problem with dinsoaur spumoni is that only the Italian dinosaurs had it, leaving all the other dinosaurs impotent.
Jeeze Frank, you've got dino spumoni all over your hair... your head might be pregnant with littlefoot's brother.
by Cooley McCool September 20, 2006

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