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Generally a kickass name for a girl. Carson's are absolutely beautiful. Everything they do is absolutely adorable. They mess up sometimes, but it's cute when they do. They're also popular, and naturally have the most beautiful eyes ever. Also, one of the smartest people you will ever meet. They're strong in all subjects, especially Science. Every girl envys a Carson. And all guys want a Carson. They are amazing girlfriends. And amazing friends. They will never leave your side. They aren't afraid to stick up for people, especially loved ones. If a Carson sees you getting picked on, even if she doesn't know you, she will defend you. A girl like this can keep you entertained for hours. Once you meet or see a Carson, she'll never leave your mind. She will leave a footprint on your heart. She is very funny, and loves to joke around. She loves to laugh. And while at it, has a very, very adorable laugh. She is shy at first, and will keep to themselves. But, once you become her friend, she is very outgoing. Athletic, but not overly athletic. All guys are jealous of her boyfriends/ best friends. They wish they were them. Not all guys will admit it, because they are shy. But, every guy who has known a Carson well, has liked them at least once.
Guy; "Man, look at that beautiful girl over there. She looks amazing. I want to talk to her."
Guy 2;" You'll have some competition, that's a Carson."
Guy;" Wow! A Carson would never go for a guy like me."
Guy 2;" Don't be so negative, Carson is a very outgoing, funny, nice, accepting girl. She'll definitely accept you as a friend."
by CoolKid76492 October 01, 2011

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