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She's an amazing person.
She's hilarious.
She's born to do great things in her future.
She makes unhappy people, happy.
She's the best thing a person can find during their senior year of high school.
She's like a lighthouse in the night.
She's the kind of person, that if you never met, your life wouldn't be complete.
She says intelligent things every time she opens her mouth.
She's a beautiful person.
She's the change some people needed in their worlds.

She changed my life.
I can't thank her enough for that.
She was something to me, that no one else was. A friend.
I will never forget her. It's not possible to forget someone who impacted my life so greatly.
She means the world to me. And so much more.
I miss her, because I loved her, and she's what I woke up looking forward to every day. And now she's gone.
She turned my life around during a time I needed it most.
I don't know where I'd be right now if I never met her.
She is someone who I'll never stop loving, or missing.
I am glad I met a person who'll always hold a place in my heart that no one else can even touch.
She gave me a reason to keep holding on to life.
I know everyone goes their own ways in life, but I hope that someday, we'll find each other again.

I love you and miss you Green Bean. I miss the days of school when you were part of them, they were the best. You brought a smile to my face, and I miss that.

I hope I'll never have to say good-bye to you, because I don't ever want to have to.
When you become friends with Welk, your world will never be the same. Welk changes people's lives. There's not a person in this world like her.
by Cool-Bean-Points July 08, 2011

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