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Who the hell wrote these definitions? Just cuz some girls like to dress a certain way and listen to a certain style of music, it doesn't instantly turn them into shallow/fake/attention-seeking. That's emo poser.

Anyhow, true emo girls are usually fun, amusing people ( though to others they may appear odd). Some are quiet and reserved too, but they are always intelligent or artistic, and they love japanese cartoons and cute hairclips/bows, so much that they buy loads no matter how much they need. Emo girls who smoke/drink/do drugs/self-harm are only doing it because they feel like it, and are probably a bit messed up at the time, because that DOES HAPPEN TO PEOPLE SOMETIMES. (In fact I think the reason they dress like that in the first place is because they're trying to express the way they've felt). They are very true to themselves and won't stop doing something just because it's 'uncool'.
(Pointing at tartan skinny jeans)

Emo girl: That. Is. Awesome.
Non-emo friend: Em, sure, whatever you say.
Emo girl: I want it.
Non-emo friend: You don't have enough money.
Emo girl: I want it.
Non-emo friend: I though you were saving up for a hamster?
Emo girl: =C *disappointed*
by Cookie_cutter March 25, 2008
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